Gene Therapy:

A Medical Revolution

Imagine being able to work with medicine on the genetic level: taking a mutated or erroneous gene and replacing or editing it, removing an extra or unnecessary gene, or adding a missing gene! Imagine being able to cure diseases and conditions which ravage the world today, including, but not limited to, Autism, Cancer, Alzheimer's, Down Syndrome, Pompe's Disease, Fragile X, and thousands of more! The dream to accomplish these medical miracles is now close to reality:

Welcome to the world of Gene Therapy! 

 Use this website to learn about one of the most life-changing and exciting fields of medical science ever developed. 

This website is meant to provide you with information on one of the most rapidly developing medical approach, its applications, innovators and its ethical concerns!

Here, information on gene therapy is presented in a simple to understand and easy to navigate manner - it's meant for everyone!

Please feel free to visit the resources section for even more information on gene therapy. There are numerous links and references to relevant websites, books, and animations given for your utilization.

This website has been compiled using extensive research and information from other credible sources. Please feel free to view the sources of the material by visiting the "Citations" page. Information taken from other sources also has a citation hyperlink close to it; use these hyperlinks to access sources directly.


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